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Negotiation Training Course   Mediation Training Course


25, 26 Oct 2019

Law Society of Hong Kong CPD Points : 16 Points
(Pending Approval)

HKMAAL CPD Points : 18 Points
(Pending Approval)








25, 26, 27 Oct & 2, 3 Nov 2019

Law Society of Hong Kong CPD Points :
28 points for end Oct 2019
18 points for end Oct 2020

(Pending Approval)

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This is an intensive 5 day Mediation Training Course designed by ADRIL to provide the necessary theory and skills to business professionals who are interested in understanding Negotiation and Mediation and / or wish to be Accredited as a Mediator. 



Appointment of Mediators

We assist Clients and Law Firms to Identify the Most Suitable Mediator for their case based on their Needs:


  • Experience
  • Language Skills
  • Specialisation
  • Style
  • Budget Requirements